Book Recommendations

The following list is not exhaustive, but covers books that leaders and members of VRBC have found helpful. We do not necessarily endorse or believe all that is in each book. 

Christian Basics - Books on the basics of Christianity

Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis

Basic Christianity - John Stott 

 The Reason for God - Tim Keller

The Gospel - Ray Ortlund 


Theology - Books on the study of God 

Knowing God - J.I. Packer 

The Cross of Christ - John Stott

Delighting in the Trinity - Michael Reeves

Christian Theology - Millard Erickson


Service & Missions - Books for helping you to find your place in Kingdom ministry

Radical - David Platt

What on Earth and I Here For? The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren

Let the Nations be Glad - John Piper

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism - Mark Dever 


Christian Growth - Books to Help you Grow in your Faith

Spiritual Disciplines for the Chrisitan Life - Donald Whitney

The Spirit of the Disciplines - Dallas Willard

You are what you Love - James K.A. Smith


Ethics and Philosophy - Books on applying a Christian Worldview

 Faith and Reason - Ronald Nash

Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview - J.P.Mooreland and William Lane Craig

Love Your Neighbor - Norman Geisler and Ryan Snuffer


Why Christianity? - Books for those questioning the faith or for skeptics

Making Sense of God - Tim Keller

Why Christian Faith still makes Sense - Stephen Evans

Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig


Family - Books on family, marriage, and relationships

God, Marriage, and Family -  Andreas J. Köstenberger

No Ordinary Marriage - Tim Savage 


Baptist Life- Books on our Faith Tradition

 Nine Marks of a Healthy Church - Mark Dever

Baptists in America - Thomas Kidd

Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches - John Hammett