Helpful Information

We know that many people have questions about what to expect at church, so we’ve gathered some information that we believe you’ll find helpful.  Feel free to contact us  if you would like additional information and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

1 Parking and Accessibility

We have a parking lot located behind the church and an overflow gravel lot next to the church. To park, enter at the north driveway (the one closest to Stewarts) and follow the driveway around the building to the parking lot.

If you require handicap parking or accessibility, you may park alongside the south driveway. The door on that side the building is the best location for entering via wheelchair or walker.  


2 Kids and Babies

During worship we have childcare available for children ages 0 through 4 years old. The safety of your children is incredibly important to us, so our workers undergo proper training and background checks.

For children ages 5 and up, we are excited to have them join us in the worship service, as we believe it is good for them to see and participate in community of faith as we worship God. We understand that children may get restless during the service, so feel free to bring some crayons for the little ones. And don’t worry or be embarrassed if you little one has a ‘tough day’ at church, we’ve all been there. Our church is full of grace, and we know that our God is able to speak to our hearts, even if there is a distraction or two.

Outside of our regular worship gatherings, we children's Sunday School each Sunday at 9:00am.


3 What’s worship like?

Sunday Mornings at 10:00am we gather as a church to worship God. That is our focus and our purpose during this corporate worship gathering. Our worship gathering is formed by the scriptures and involves the Word, singing, praying, and giving thanks.   The service lasts about an hour and a half. 

Our worship is a response to the Gospel, and as such is authentic, simple, and full of grace and truth.


4 How do I get involved?

We have several ways for people to get involved. The best way is to join a Bible study group. We have a Men's and a Women's ministry that meets during the week. We also have Bible study each Sunday morning at 9:00, for information, see HERE.  We also have many opportunities for service through our various ministries. 


5 Membership

Joining the local church is an important and necessary part of the Christian life.  The process to join VRBC begins with professing faith in Christ and participating in our Intro to VRBC class. If you feel called to join with VRBC, please see our MEMBERSHIP page for detailed information.


6 Beliefs and Denominational Affiliation

What is a Baptist?

Baptists are Christians who, like all Christians, believe and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Baptist expression of Christianity, though, has a couple of unique distinctives. The obvious is found in our name: we baptize only those who confess faith in Christ (as distinct from other fellow Christians who baptize infants or children).

We are also a part of the Protestant tradition, with our roots going back over 400 years. The Baptists began as a reform movement, seeking to embody ‘New Testament Christianity,’ and we continue to strive after that today.

What do we believe?

We are an evangelical church that holds to the historic beliefs of the Church. We hold to the Baptist Faith and Message as our Statement of Faith, as it is a faithful description of the teachings of Scripture. We also affirm, like all churches, the Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creed as accurate expressions of the Christian faith. 

As Protestants, we believe that Scripture is to be the “supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions should be tried” (Baptist Faith and Message). 

Who do we partner with?

Vassar Road Baptist Church is an autonomous church that voluntarily affiliates and cooperates with the Hudson Baptist Association, the Baptist Convention of New York, and the Southern Baptist Convention.