Financial Peace University

 Everybody has an opinion about how you should handle your money. But have you ever wondered what God has to say? Let’s learn about it together with Financial Peace University and Ramsey+.  This program will help you dump debt and take control of your money.  Classes begin on Sunday, October 17th at 6PM at VRBC. 

How do you get started?
We’ve made it really easy! Just follow these instructions:
1. Use the following link to create your account. This is our church’s unique passcode link that allows you to get into Ramsey+ for free:
2. After you’ve created an account, save this link to use when you want to log in to your account:

Financial Peace University (FPU) Class - Begins October 17th at 6:00PM at VRBC
As you wait for the class to begin, go ahead and sign up for your Ramsey+ account and start exploring.

Feel free to reach out to Pastor Jake if you have any questions.